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A new journey begins



大家好!我是Liberty Chang,
世界上擁有芳香環的植物只有所有植物的1%,是來自造物主的恩典,都是經過萬年演化後,植物對於適應環境抵抗病毒的進化結晶,而我們可以更善用這些主賜的恩惠,所以創立這個品牌Sandalphon’s Garden把這喜悅的福音傳遞給大家。



Hi everyone! I’m Liberty Chang,

Many years ago, when I first stepped into the world of plant essential oils, it was like my life finally embarked on the luminous road. I opened the door arranged by the Lord, and the vast landscape that was different from the past unfolded in front of me. I immediately plunged into it with joy and couldn’t help myself, and life happened. Great changes until now. From the flow of neutrinos, to feel the miracles contained in various aromatic molecules, to discover the essence of my reality in the inquiry, and to discover when I am full of emotions, this will be a brand-new journey to explore the inner universe. The world created by the Lord is so vast. Full of possibilities.

And I am like a fool holding a passionate pace to explore, to the way of God and to eternity. In the process of self-accumulation, I began to hope to help people around me. At this time, the world map I obtained during the journey was books written by teachers at home and abroad. In the process of reading, my horizons were led to a more distant and macroscopic height. I have slightly revised my thinking direction and steps in the process of deployment. In the book, it is like being in the University of Plant Aromatherapy. The kind and knowledgeable teachers will lead you to learn about every flower and grass in the civilization of the world and see yourself. The body and mind of the people around you, and the various essential oil chemistry of plants help to improve yourself and the people around you.
Only 1% of all plants in the world have aromatic rings. They are the grace of the Creator. They are the evolutionary crystallization of plants adapting to the environment and resisting viruses after thousands of years of evolution. We can make better use of these Lord’s gifts, so Founded the brand Sandalphon's Garden to pass the gospel of joy to everyone.
I have a dream



Provided goods
提供的商品有具有天使祝福之靈性意涵的空間淨化香水與祝福噴霧, 還有對應人體中軸能量的七脈輪油與萬用乳霜! 提供專屬量身訂製,專屬用脈輪油或是療癒用保養油。 和神聖芳療卡占卜與塔羅占卜, 本身因為信仰屬性為基督教,所以禱告與祝福都是來自於主與天使。

Provide a variety of goods that heal the body and mind The products provided include space purification perfume and blessing spray with spiritual meaning of angel blessing,  There are seven chakra oils and universal creams corresponding to the energy of the central axis of the human body! Provide exclusive tailor-made, exclusive use of chakra oil or healing oil. And sacred aromatherapy card divination and tarot divination, Because of his belief in Christianity, prayers and blessings come from the Lord.

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